Sugarbush Management

The most difficult task of owning a sugarbush is managing the many complex factors that influence maple tree growth, health and sap productivity. Many pests and other stresses can also affect maple trees growing in a sugarbush, causing decreases in overall sap production.

Hooper Hill Forestry will help you improve the overall health and productivity of your sugarbush by providing trees with the best possible growing conditions and protecting them from as many stresses as possible. Our forest management decisions will help you sustain and grow your maple syrup operation into a healthy, productive and lasting resource.

Our experts in sugarbush management will also advise you on whether or not your land is suitable for starting, or expanding, your maple sugar operation, how and where roads and trails should be made to do so, when and to what extent your tree stands should be thinned to promote growth, and how to mitigate tree diseases and when to control pests, such as the sugar maple borer, to promote overall productivity and tree health. We have experience building sugarbushes from scratch out of mixed hardwood stands with a strong maple component. As maple syrup enthusiasts and producers ourselves, we understand the importance of cultivating a healthy sugarbush and look forward to working with you.

Why improve Sugarbush management on your property?

  • Increase Productivity and Generate Income: By managing the complex factors that influence maple tree growth and health, Hooper Hill Forestry can help you increase sap production.
  • Improve Landscape and Increase Property Value: By managing your sugarbush with our expert assistance, Hooper Hill Forestry will help you improve the health of your maple trees, increase annual maple sap productivity, and build a lasting resource on your property for many generations to come.
  • Improve Maple Tree Health: There are many pests, diseases and overall stresses that can limit maple tree growth and sap production. Hooper Hill Forestry can help mitigate these stresses to encourage maple tree growth and long-term health at your property and sugarbush.

Why Choose Hooper Hill Forestry for Sugarbush Management in New Hampshire and Vermont?

  • Efficiency: Having personally worked thousands of acres of land in New Hampshire and Vermont, Hooper Hill Forestry owner Jordan King draws from many forestry practices and techniques to improve sugarbush production efficiently.
  • Experience: With over 15 years of experience managing land in New Hampshire and Vermont, Hooper Hill Forestry saves you money by working quickly to determine what land management practices need to occur in order to improve sugarbush health, growth and sap production.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Hooper Hill Forestry has completed many successful sugarbush management projects in New Hampshire and Vermont. We are proud of our work and relationships with Landowners.

If you are looking for Sugarbush Management assistance, Call or Contact us today!

For more information about the challenges of managing Sugarbush operations, please check out this U.S. Department of Agriculture guide to maintaining tree health:

Looking for a different forestry service?

We can also assist you with Timber Harvesting, Timber Appraisals, Land Acquisition, Stewardship and Current Use, GIS Mapping, Forest Health Evaluations, Boundary Line Maintenance, Sugarbush Management, Wildlife Habitat, View Creation, and Forest Roads and Trail Building. We are New Hampshire and Vermont’s premier, licensed, forestry professionals. If there is still another forestry or logging service you are looking for, please contact us. We work with a large network of other industry professionals and would be delighted to help you in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you.