Why Choose Hooper Hill Forestry?


Hooper Hill Forestry was founded by Jordan King, of Wentworth, NH. With over 15 years of experience in every aspect of land management, Jordan provides a down-to-earth, honest, hands-on approach to helping landowners manage their natural resources to best suit their needs.

Jordan has a background in and experience operating logging and excavation equipment, which gives him insight into costs and viability of projects that other foresters cannot match.

The King family has a long tradition in the field of forestry, dating back generations in Wentworth and throughout Central New Hampshire. Our diverse and unique background in the industry provides an edge over all other companies.

We are a small, family owned company, that guarantees that your work is performed by an experienced, licensed forester, every time. Jordan personally performs, or oversees, every aspect of each job, no matter how big or small. At Hooper Hill Forestry, you get competitive pricing, coupled with honesty and experience.


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— Jordan J. King

NH License # 457

VT License # 148.0133959