Buyer of Stumpage

Are you looking to maximize the value of timber on your land and keep forestry costs as low as possible? If this is the case, ask Hooper Hill Forestry to buy your stumpage (aka trees on the stump). We will develop a timber harvest contract that best suits your needs, ensure a forestry professional oversees your harvest, manage the timber sale for you and negotiate the best price for your stumpage — all without you incurring any extra forestry fees.

Hooper Hill Forestry oversees over the sale and harvest of over three million board feet of timber products annually. Honesty and integrity are at the foundation of what we do. We listen to your goals and objectives and will make them happen using up-to-date silviculture and a hands-on approach.


Why sell Stumpage?

  • Maximize Value of Timber on your Land: We are competitively priced, typically offer discounts that other firms can’t match, and will negotiate the best possible price for your timber.
  • Reduce Forestry Costs: By selling stumpage to Hooper Hill Forestry, we will develop a timber contract that best suits your needs and maximizes profit for you — without charging any additional forestry fees.

Why Choose Hooper Hill Forestry to Manage your Logging Operation of Stumpage in New Hampshire and Vermont?

  • Save Money: Hooper Hill Forestry will negotiate the best stumpage prices possible for you. We will ensure that the timber sale contract is followed in good faith. We are competitively priced and typically offer discounts that other firms can’t match.
  • Honesty and Quality Work: Hooper Hill Forestry is the type of business where a verbal agreement and a handshake is a promise. When we tell you something, you can take it to the bank.
  • Reduce Stress: Timber Harvesting can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Don’t let strangers or unlicensed foresters and loggers manage your money. Hire a licensed professional. We listen to your needs, put our clients first, and will take care of the whole process for you. Just relax and watch the work progress knowing that you are in good hands.
  • Experience: With over 15 years of experience buying stumpage in New Hampshire and Vermont, Hooper Hill Forestry saves you money by working efficiently and getting you the best price for your timber.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Hooper Hill Forestry has completed many successful timber sales in New Hampshire and Vermont. We are proud of our work and relationships with Landowners.

If you are looking to sell Stumpage, Call or Contact us today!

Looking for a different forestry service?

We can also assist you with Timber Harvesting, Timber Appraisals, Land Acquisition, Stewardship and Current Use, GIS Mapping, Forest Health Evaluations, Boundary Line Maintenance, Sugarbush Management, Wildlife Habitat, View Creation, and Forest Roads and Trail Building. We are New Hampshire and Vermont’s premier, licensed, forestry professionals. If there is still another forestry or logging service you are looking for, please contact us. We work with a large network of other industry professionals and would be delighted to help you in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you.