View and Vista Creation

Hooper Hill Forestry has assisted many Landowners in New Hampshire and Vermont create stunning views and vistas from their properties. Whether you are looking to sustainably remove large swathes of timber, reclaim fields, or simply remove smaller groups of trees to open a view, Hooper Hill Forestry will use mapping technology and forestry practices to open up the areas surrounding your home, allowing you to better appreciate the natural beauty surrounding your property.

Why create views on your property?

  • Increase Property Value: By creating stunning views at your home or hiking trails, your property may gain value as these vistas enrich the landscape
  • Appreciate Nature: The removal of trees and brush may open up beautiful views of nature, allowing you to better appreciate the natural beauty surrounding your home or hiking trails

Why Choose Hooper Hill Forestry to create views and vistas at your property in New Hampshire and Vermont?

  • Efficiency: Having personally worked thousands of acres of land in New Hampshire and Vermont, Hooper Hill Forestry owner Jordan King draws from many forestry practices and techniques to identify views and build them efficiently. We can determine an exact angle through the use of GIS maps to open up a view of a specific mountain or other location.
  • Experience: With over 15 years of forestry experience in New Hampshire and Vermont, Hooper Hill Forestry saves you money by working efficiently to determine the right management practices that need to occur in order to build the best views and vistas for your property.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Hooper Hill Forestry has completed many successful view creation projects in New Hampshire and Vermont. We are proud of our work and relationships with Landowners.


Beautiful NH Vista photo

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Looking for a different forestry service?

We can also assist you with Timber Harvesting, Timber Appraisals, Land Acquisition, Stewardship and Current Use, GIS Mapping, Forest Health Evaluations, Boundary Line Maintenance, Sugarbush Management, Wildlife Habitat, View Creation, and Forest Roads and Trail Building. We are New Hampshire and Vermont’s premier, licensed, forestry professionals. If there is still another forestry or logging service you are looking for, please contact us. We work with a large network of other industry professionals and would be delighted to help you in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you.