Stewardship and Current Use

Forest Stewardship Plans and Current Use updates are encouraged by the State to increase public awareness about good forest management practices. Actively managed forests provide timber, wildlife habitat, recreational activities and other benefits to landowners and society. These plans encourage landowners to be more active in managing their forests, by incentivizing those who participate with lower property taxes, increasing the likelihood that the land remains intact, productive and healthy for generations to come.

Hooper Hill Forestry will work with you to develop a New Hampshire or Vermont Forest Stewardship Plan or Current Use update, prepared to Tree Farm Standards, that is specifically tailored to fit your needs. In New Hampshire, this will lead to a 40% decrease in your Current Use taxation. Current Use plans remain valid for 10-15 years, during which time the tax savings typically pay for the cost of the plan.

Our Foresters will work with you to identify your objectives and our stewardship plans include GIS maps of your forest type, soils, topography and aerial views. The plans also address forest health, water quality, wildlife habitat, harvesting prescriptions, insects and diseases, rare and endangered species, cultural features, and much more. In addition, you will receive a timber appraisal, including a volumes and values spreadsheet, so you can know what your land is worth.

Whether you are looking to generate income, increase wildlife habitat, or sustainably manage your resources, Hooper Hill Forestry has vast experience working with landowners to develop Stewardship Plans and update Current Use forms. We hope you will contact us so we can help you better manage your assets for the long-term.

Why contact Hooper Hill Forestry for a Stewardship Plan or Current Use Update?

  • Improve Communication: Stewardship plans facilitate communication of your objectives, intentions and management activities. Such plans are helpful not only to your Forester, and the Town or State Assesors, but also to your family, and even heirs, who may wish to continue your vision of land management at your property.
  • Lower Taxes, Save Money, Generate Cash Flow: Stewardship plans, coupled with a Current Use update, qualify you for current use taxation programs, allowing your land to be taxed on its timber value only, rather than on its development potential. Current use tax brackets are significantly lower because the State recognizes the importance of incentivizing landowners to maintain healthy, forest growth and manage their timber resources. Stewardship Plans and Current Use updates can incorporate regular timber harvests as well, allowing you to produce greater financial returns and cash flow from your property.
  • Management Tools are Beneficial: Not only do forestry plans help you achieve your objectives, generate forest income, and maximize your enjoyment of the land, they also reduce the stress of being a Landowner and can help you make better informed decisions regarding your resources and investments. Let a professional from Hooper Hill Forestry help you mange your investment today.

Why Choose Hooper Hill Forestry for Stewardship and Current Use Plans in New Hampshire and Vermont?

  • Efficiency: Having personally worked thousands of acres of land in New Hampshire and Vermont, Hooper Hill Forestry owner Jordan King has vast experience working with Landowners to develop Stewardship and Current Use plans to save you money.
  • Quality Work: Hooper Hill Forestry is up-to-date on New Hampshire and Vermont Current Use taxation. We will help you achieve your land management objectives and lower property taxes.
  • Experience: With over 15 years of experience managing land in New Hampshire and Vermont, Hooper Hill Forestry saves you money by working quickly to collect data, evaluate your land value and help you make better informed decisions.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Hooper Hill Forestry has completed many successful Stewardship and Current Use plans in New Hampshire and Vermont. We are proud of our work and relationships with Landowners.

If you are looking for Stewardship or Current Use planning assistance, Call or Contact Hooper Hill Forestry today!

Looking for a different forestry service?

We can also assist you with Timber Harvesting, Timber Appraisals, Land Acquisition, Stewardship and Current Use, GIS Mapping, Forest Health Evaluations, Boundary Line Maintenance, Sugarbush Management, Wildlife Habitat, View Creation, and Forest Roads and Trail Building. We are New Hampshire and Vermont’s premier, licensed, forestry professionals. If there is still another forestry or logging service you are looking for, please contact us. We work with a large network of other industry professionals and would be delighted to help you in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you.